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Hello and welcome to the world of One Minute to Midnight. Delighted to meet you, please come in…

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The World of One Minute to Midnight

There’s a sea of stuff out there: trend reports; big data; industry newsletters; thought pieces and new widgets. Don’t get us wrong we love a widget but without meaning they all remain just stuff.

We're in the business of giving stuff meaning and purpose. We believe meaning can only be achieved by anchoring insight in The Human. Everything we do seeks to understand the 4 Dimensions of being human - actions, emotions, thoughts and our most important dimension of all, values - to ensure that brands connect in the most powerful, authentically human ways.

To create purpose we take you on the journey too, because together we can create winning human insights that reverberate throughout your business.

Our slightly odd name reminds us of these core principles, because if you map the story of the world on to a 24 hour clock humans arrived at One Minute to Midnight.

Thank you for taking time out to explore how we can help you deliver Human Wins. We’d love to meet you soon.

Importance of Human Values

The best brands connect on a deeply human level. We believe that insight must be deeply human too. We achieve this by creating a holistic understanding of the 4 interrelated dimensions of being human.

We deliver real understanding around how people feel about your brand, what they think about your brand and how they behave towards your brand - this gives us a large part of the picture. However, brands are fundamentally built on values and we believe that human values drive the real depth of connection..

Human values need to be looked at more…
To provide purposeful insights powered by deep human understanding we must recognise and explore the 4 Dimensions of the human existence and their interrelationships.

Our Industry either...
Takes one or two dimensions at best
Rarely joins them up
Over focuses on culture without appreciating its impact on the human

The importance of Journeys

We view each insight programme as a journey into the human. By going on these journeys together powerful and purposeful insights are created that inspire action and create positive long term legacies for your business.

Here’s some of the things that we do to take you on the journey with us...

Hypotheses workshops to tap into the collective wisdom of your team

Your team spending time with participants so there are real experiences, faces & emotions behind the insights

Inspirational expert speeches that bring insights to life

Collaborative insight activation workshops that initiate purposeful actions with meaning

Top quality, authoritative, multi-media presentations from our senior team that breathe human life into insights

Beautiful frameworks, models, films, content and experiences that socialise insights within your organisation and create real legacies

One Minute to Midnight are a global human insight consultancy. We love to get involved in a range of insight challenges with our clients...

Here are four steps to demonstrate how we can provide you with the purposeful knowledge to create authentic relationships between humans and your business.

We believe every programme we conduct for you needs to be anchored in the 4 Dimensions of being human - we never lose sight of this.





The Purposing Compass – how to out-human the competition

Human values are the interface between the inner self and the outer world. Values crucially guide the thoughts, feelings and actions of humans and are thus fundamental in understanding human-brand relationships.

This enables you to out-human your competition by taking action to develop the optimum values-balance for your audiences. Check out our recent Dimensions study to see The Purposing Compass in action in key sectors across the globe.

View the Dimensions Project
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Applying the human approach to business challenges

We apply our authentically human approach to many types of insight challenges, often deep, exploratory, global and involving senior stakeholders. Using the 4 Dimensions of being human gives us a fully connected perspective.

Truly global - over the years our team has run on the ground insight in over 80 markets, recently including… 

This is where you can find out more about what we believe in, our wider thoughts on life and our Dimensions Project, which is a biannual global exploration into being human. If we were on a matchmaking site it would be under the ‘outlook on life’ section. We hope you find something in here that connects with you and maybe even a little inspiration…

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Explorations into being Human
Our take on the world and what’s happening within it
Drop in for some inspiration and titbits from around the world

Welcome to The Dimensions Project

Welcome to The Dimensions Project, the home of our biannual exploration into the 4 human dimensions and how they relate to key business areas.

Our latest edition of The Dimensions Project is the Values & Global Brands Edition which explores the global values landscape across four continents and how this maps onto brands. The study involves quant, qual and the input of a leading anthropologist.

We covered

Focusing in on

The Dimensions Project will give you...

A deep understanding of human values around the world.
Insights into the impact of values on attitudes and lifestyle choices.
An appreciation of the differences and nuances of values by nation and lifestage.
A demonstration of the importance of values on orientations to brand.
A feel for the relevance of different values in some key sectors from soft drinks to social media.

Ultimately providing guidance on how brands can align their values with their audiences' to create more powerful connections.

Our latest project will be available to download very soon!

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London  W10 5JJ
United Kingdom
Tel +44 (0)207 043 1022

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Coming soon


Genuinely different seeks those who share a passion for the 4 Dimensions of being Human and want to go on the journey to create great legacies and memories.

In return can offer:

  • Great experience having worked with amazing brands
  • A truly global outlook with collaborators and partners in 80+ markets
  • Over 25 years combined experiences of running insight businesses
  • A very persuasive style and lots of big ideas

Our only limitation is that we do have to be home just before midnight.

You can’t swipe right on here, but do get in touch and it could be the start of a beautiful friendship.